The Myriad Faces of Female War Reporting during the First World War

Newspaper historian Tim Luckhurst argues that the First World War was ‘reported from an almost exclusively male perspective’ and that women war correspondents were ‘immensely rare exceptions’. I will qualify this perspective. During the First World War, a considerable number of women from belligerent and neutral countries reported from all major theatres of war in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Their reports could be read in major newspapers and magazines around the world …


Welcome! My name is Dr. Stephanie Seul and I am an historian working on the international history of media and communication in the era of the two World Wars. I have published on topics such as British propaganda during the 1930s and the Second World War, the representation of Weimar antisemitism and the Holocaust in the contemporary international… Continue reading Home

British propaganda directed at Nazi Germany, 1938-1945

During the Second World War, the BBC’s German-language broadcasts and British leaflets dropped by the Royal Air Force were an important alternative source of information for many Germans. Germany’s media had been strictly censored and manipulated since 1933. Listening to foreign radio stations was illegal and penalties ranged from fines and confiscation of radio sets… Continue reading British propaganda directed at Nazi Germany, 1938-1945