Stephanie Seul
  • 30 Women War Reporters of the First World War
    During the First World War, women war reporters from different nations covered the war on the major fronts, taking personal risks and breaking with social conventions of their times. This blog post presents 30 women from Europe, North America and Australia.
  • Matilde Serao, Flavia Steno and Stefania Türr: Three Italian women journalists narrate the First World War
    Matilde Serao, Flavia Steno and Stefania Türr were prominent figures of Italian journalism who narrated the First World War from the female perspective. The conflict that devastated Europe also became a pretext for talking about the role of women during the war and the obstacles they faced in early twentieth-century Italy …
  • Stefania Türr’s patriotic lens: “La Madre Italiana”, “Alle trincee d’Italia”, and “I soldati d’Italia”
    In 1917, the Italian journalist and writer Stefania Türr visited the Italian front as a war correspondent for “La Madre Italiana”, a monthly journal founded by her in 1916. She published two books about her war experience: “Alle Trincee d’Italia” (1917), and “I soldati d’Italia”. A patriotic and interventionist vein is the lens through which she describes the war and life in the trenches …
  • The Myriad Faces of Female War Reporting during the First World War
    During the First World War, a considerable number of women from belligerent and neutral countries reported from all major theatres of war. Their reports could be read in major newspapers and magazines around the world. Different types of reporters were involved in the war’s coverage. Some were officially accredited by the armed forces or obtained other official permits to visit the front. Others were unable to get near the front but still witnessed the fighting or reported on the impact of the war on soldiers and civilians. Moreover, nurses in field hospitals wrote about their experiences …