Books Revisiting Transnational Broadcasting: The BBC’s foreign-language services during the Second World War (Routledge Series Special Issues as Books). London and New York: Routledge, 2017. Co-edited with Nelson Ribeiro. Deutsche Presseforschung. Geschichte und Forschungsprojekte des ältesten historischen Instituts der Universität Bremen. Mit einleitenden Beiträgen zur Bedeutung der historischen Presseforschung. Bremen: edition lumière, 2013. Co-edited with… Continue reading Publications


Upcoming Talks “Disrupting traditional gender roles in communication: Three women war correspondents report the First World War on the Italian front.” Communication & social (dis)order: ECREA 10th European Communication Conference, 24–27 September 2024, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Conference Presentations (after Call for Papers) “Writing women into the historical narrative of war reporting: Avis Waterman, ‘The Times’ correspondent… Continue reading Speaking